Original acoustic tunes
celebrating the landscape, the characters
and the independent spirit
of Far Northern California



Winner of the Northern California Women's Music Festival Songwriting Contest. Click on the picture to hear the song and the rest of the story.


Come on out to the Winter Rink (in the old Need 2 Speed spot) in Redding's downtown mall on January 2nd at 6 PM.  Skate and enjoy original Shasta County tunes.  


California Worldfest in Grass Valley was an amazing experience. A warm, wonderful crowd, and volunteers and staff who treated us much better than we deserved  like royalty. We had the opportunity to play on two different stages and enjoy sets from Hannah Jane Kyle and Dan Casamajor. It was a genuine celebration of original music in the Sierra Foothills, surrounded by tall pines and enthusiastic music fans. What a treat for us.
Many thanks to photo journalist Alan Sheckter for this shot.

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