See How We Heal

Very pleased that the music video for this song is part of the Shasta County Arts Council's exhibit "A Year Ago Today"

A year ago today, I was contemplating how Shasta County might come through the devastating pandemic. My fervent hope was that we would band together, help each other and find strength in our community ties -- just like we did after the Carr Fire.

It's been a rocky road, but the songwriter in me still believes we can come back better than before. So I write hopeful songs and paint pictures of places that have been ravaged and healed. 



The Other California

We raised our three children in rural Northern California and since they grew up, all three of them have lived abroad.

When they tell people:  "Yes, I'm from California, but..." they find it's not easy to explain Shasta County. It's not LA, Hollywood, beach-front or Bay Area - it's is unique. And wonderful. We call it "The Other California."





In the Belly of a Buzzard

Why should doves get all the songs?

New tune: 



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