Beautiful Scars

“I think she misses her people.” 

Those were the profound words of a friend. It was a few months after the Carr Fire and she was talking about Whiskeytown Lake. I had lamented that I’d been unable to visit Whiskeytown, because I couldn’t face the devastated landscape - the fire burned more than 90% of the park. 

But her wise words reminded me of something I learned while raising toddlers and teenagers:  At those times when kids are at their MOST unlovable, THAT is when they need love the most. 


And here is Whiskeytown, scarred and battered by fire (and February’s heavy snow)  — and desperately in need of love.  So I’ve made it my mission to “love this place like her life depends on me.” 

I can’t rebuild trails or haul out debris, but I CAN shine a light on the beauty that remains. I can walk her trails, sail her waters, sing her praises and paint scenes of the new landscape as it emerges.

“Beautiful Scars” is dedicated to Whiskeytown 2.0. The park is scarred but still lovely, battered but resilient; and every day it is quietly, miraculously healing. 

Aren’t we all?

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