Shasta County Tiny Desk Duet

NPR music invited artists to submit videos of their original tunes for their Tiny Desk Concert Contest. The winners will be invited to the studio for a performance on All Songs Considered.

We entered our new duet, From Here, a ballad about holding tight to love, even when holding tight is not the easiest choice.  We huddled on my not-so-tiny studio desk and did our best.

We are looking forward to performing this tune and others next Friday at Redding City Hall for the annual city-wide Cultural Cruise. Lyrics below.

From Here 

words and music  (c) Erin Friedman

Every year it seems

You need more room to breathe

But I can only get so far away

For better or for worse I said

Lock the door, go to bed

Pray when there is nothin’ left

To say

     Are you walking ?                 

     Are you running?                 

Wishing wings to fly you

From Here?                                 

What I’m seeing

What I’m sayin’

Looks like something worth saving

From Here

I breathe in and out

Whisper when I’d like to shout

You’re the innocent bystander of the year

If I can be forgiven

If you’ll lean in and listen,

Admit there’s something missing

From Here

From Here it looks like love

Is still holding on

Forever is worth fighting for

Together we’re Still Strong

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