The Other California

We raised our three children in rural Northern California and since they grew up, all three of them have lived abroad.

When they tell people:  "Yes, I'm from California, but..." they find it's not easy to explain Shasta County. It's not LA, Hollywood, beach-front or Bay Area - it's is unique. And wonderful. We call it "The Other California."


The Other California                         
words and music by Erin Friedman

I’m California born and raised 
My roots run deep in the golden state 
There’s no glitter in the songs I play 
No bright lights, surf or sand 
I’m country as a three-chord song 
This old guitar knows where I come from 
And it’s The Other California 
Made me who I am 
Where Haggard rules 
The cowboy rides 
The Valley ends 
And the mountains rise 
I come from The Other California 
The best of the West survives 
North of the Shasta County line 
The Other California 
Where wild is a state of mind 
There’s a spirit that cannot be tamed 
Where pioneers crossed the Cascade Range 
Whiskeytown remembers Gold Rush days 
And a rowdy legacy 
One part hawk and one part dove 
We fight for the things we love 
It’s rugged, raw and real 
Everything I’d like to be

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