What We Know So Far

We took a long time (two years) to get the Still Strong CD finished. I had planned on putting eleven songs on the album, but this song -- What We Know So Far -- presented itself just a couple months ago and practically begged to be included.

It's a bit of a chore to sum up 110-plus years of cumulative wisdom in a 3 minute song --  impossible, in fact. I always pride myself in being short and sweet when it comes to songwriting, but sometimes the subject matter just won't tuck itself neatly into three minutes and thirty seconds.  So now we have a 12-song CD that includes a five-minute run-down of things we've figured out.

The song is on our playlist for our CD Release Party on Tuesday at The Grape Escape.

If you need a reason to drink on a Tuesday - or if you don't - please come join us.


What We Know So Far
words and music © Erin Friedman

There’s lessons in star thistle honey and dry lightening strikes
Two sides to every story, both of them lies
Match the cat to the sofa, the carpet to Cottonwood clay
The second best time to try something new is today
What We Know So Far:
Is the sweetness of cherries on the tongue
The fleetness of seasons quickly over and done
Summers fly by
Winter sets in our bones
Cherries are stains and stones
But we’ll tightly hold
To What We Know So Far
A long stretch of silence and coffee is how a good day begins
There’s no glory in a song left unsung or a half-hearted win
Only homegrown tomatoes will do for my BLTs
A full house of laughter beats a house full of beautiful things
You don’t need to shout to be heard when you stand in your truth
Tip well, travel light, hold hands, take the room with a view
Life is short, life is messy let the dust and sleeping dogs lie
If you’re lucky in love, you’ll suffer with every good bye

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