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Last Spring I left behind a picture perfect family’
Then I learned all that glitters is not gold
By September I was sorry sad and lonely
It’s Christmas Eve I’m at the end of my rope

There’s a an old movie playing on the TV
About a man who had it all but wanted more
He’s got Clarence – Me? I’ve got Jim Beam
We’re both wishing we’d never been born


It was only black and white
But It Was a Wonderful Life
It used to be mine and I want it back
One more time
For auld lange syne
It Was a Wonderful Life
And I want it back

I want to run through the streets of our hometown
Find you waiting there beside the Christmas tree
Bells are ringing, children singing, I hear it all now
I’m home again and an angel gets his wings

Can we hit rewind?
Get a happy ending this time?
Make this Christmas dream of mine come true