1. Lassen Lullaby



Rising smoke
Falling ashes
Sacred scars
Survive and thrive
That’s a Lassen Lullaby

My Grammy was a child of five
Last time Lassen roared to life
Walked with her Mama
Through crowded Red Bluff streets
To the eyes of that little girl
It looked for all the world
Like the gates of hell were open in the East

She skinned up both her knees
On the steps to Saint Mary’s
Cuz she could not keep her eyes off the sky
Her Mama took her by the hand
And dried her tears, they lit a candle
“Hush now, child, everything’s gonna be alright”

(repeat chorus)

Now the plumes of steam rise up
A black bear grazes with her cub
Mighty trees take root in scattered stones
From the chaos and the restlessness
Come quiet peace and blessedness
The forest has a rhythm all its own

(repeat chorus)

Dear Grammy died in 2012
But life circles on itself
Now I walk the trails with little hands in mine
There’s a moral and a story
In the mountain and her glory
An ancient truth in a Lassen Lullaby

(repeat chorus)