Together We

I joined a peaceful protest last month. I didn’t know any of the other marchers, so I was on my own until a young woman stepped in beside me, put out her hand and introduced herself. We walked through the darkness together, doing our best to ignore the counter-protestors on both sides of us. 

We talked about about family, we talked about the news. We talked about the noxious fumes spewed by the diesel truck that kept buzzing by and how it was metaphorically apropos. We didn’t talk about Charlottesville, but it was on my mind. 

Protesting was empowering - and walking with this group, I felt genuinely hopeful, after so many months of hopeless anxiety. 

So a song was born.  Many thanks to Desiree, who walked with me and helped to make me believe: 

Together We 

Are a mighty force, indeed 

And Together We 

Will rise


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