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Kids have been tucked in and kissed
Paid the bills made tomorrow’s list
We’re gettin’ by
But I sure miss my man
Down the hall a voice calls to me:
“Love you , Mom, good night, sweet dreams”
I close my eyes and do the best I can

Since you can’t be here at home
And I can’t bear to sleep alone
Oh, love, please
Show Up in my Dreams

Last week I dreamed we were
Walking the beaches of Big Sur
Felt the ocean breeze, the warmth of your skin
Pressed my face against your chest
A brief moment of happiness
It feels so good to touch you now and then

May God keep you in his heart
May your dreams be sweet wherever you are
Wherever you are, there’s something I’d like you to do
Close your eyes and come to me
Kiss me touch me tenderly
Show Up in my Dreams – I’ll wait for you