Take the keys to my car
Take the Crown down off the shelf
Set that bottle on the bar
I’m feeling sorry for myself
If it’s true I’m a better man
For every wrong road I’ve gone down
I’m bound to be
The Best Damn Man around

It takes some big mistakes
To make me a better man
But I get better every day
That’s the kind of fool I am
Thanks to every sip of whiskey t
Burns as it goes down
Soon I’ll be The Best Damn Man Around

Can’t undo what I did
When temptation called my name
Keep a cherished regret
From climbin’ on a southbound train
Should have run down to the depot
Like a movie hero would
Instead I let her leave
The Best Damn Man for good

So raise your glass
Drink it dry
The price of perfection’s high
But the next round’s on
The Best Damn Man alive