1. I'll Fly Away
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I been called a stubborn cuss
Set like cement in my ways
Start too many stories with
"Back in my day"
But my glory days are memories
And the best of me ain't what it used to be
And I won't dig in my heels
When it's time to leave

'Cause I've been loved
More than I deserve
Saved by a good woman and The Word
Won some high-priced victories
Made mistakes, made my peace
And when the choir sings for me
I’ll Fly Away
I’ll Fly Away
I’ll Fly Away

Was headed down a wicked road
When she laid her hand in mine
Raised me up with a touch
Made me proud to walk the line
Good times and bad
We're were blessed
From lullabies to empty nest
Ready for what the good Lord's
Plannin' next