1. Isabel


“Fair Isabel, fare the well, fare the well
I’m bound for gold in California
I’ll hold your mem’ry dear
Your sapphire eyes and raven hair
But we’ll not be wedded in the mornin’”

She wept and she cursed, spit the bitter words
“You’ll rue the day of your leavin’”
On the cliffs above the sea
She climbed and then she leaped
But no trace of Isabel was found for grievin’

The morn was guilty gray - to the ship he made his way
Fell to his knees at the mermaid on the prow
Carved of teak and deep despair
Sapphire eyes, raven hair
A figurehead of beauty cruel and proud

Seas raged and swelled and the wind wailed “Isabel”
The ship went down off Santa Catalina
All souls aboard were drowned
But the mermaid washed aground
No man could resist or ever leave her