1. The Bitter End


It’s been the climb from hell
But the downhill side’s in view
Nearly past the pain myself
Just beyond the blue
I survived our crash and burn
And I’II learn to love again
‘Cause we were so much more than
Just The Bitter End

Devoted lovers, sweet companions
Dearest friends
Way back when
Before The Bitter End
I’ll take my solace where I find it
Smile when I’m reminded
Of the good times
Before The Bitter End

Dancing in the kitchen
To “Wonderful Tonight”
Spending summer wishes
On starry Shasta skies
Hands that knew just what to do
Played me over and over again
Like a love song
Right to The Bitter End

Forever was not meant to be
But I’ll recall the trinity
Memories of you and me
To hold as we move on