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I’m a sucker for a mustache
And you look so good in black
You use such pretty lies
To beckon me down to the track
Mr. Whiplash, did you expect
A helpless damsel in distress?
I’ll be no part of this train wreck
And your Boxcar Full of Lies

I won’t ride
Your Boxcar Full of Lies
I’d rather walk across the desert
Barefoot in July
You can run but you can’t hide
From that conductor in the sky
When you ride
A Boxcar Full of Lies

Karma trains a-comin’ and
The whistle blows for you
Somewhere down the line
Every Snidely gets his due
Board your cattle car of villainy
You’ll be riding without me
Slip-slidin’ excrementally
In your Boxcar Full of Lies