Fancy Mood

It started with a cow.  A plain black cow in a neighbor’s pasture who ended up getting a Spring makeover when I painted her picture in bright, joyful pinks and blues and yellows. I called the painting “Fancy Mood.” 

I’ve painted dozens of fancy cows since then and the spirit of the critters got under my skin. I began to consider the ways we reinvent ourselves — if we are lucky — over the course of our lives. Fifteen years ago, I surprised myself and tried on the “singer-songwriter” persona. Last year, during a particularly trying time, I turned to art and learned to be a watercolor artist. Both experiences altered my perception of myself and the world around me — and left me with the profound sense that I was meeting myself for the first time. 

This new tune celebrates shedding the ordinary for something new and bold. It’s an anthem for those who dare to re-invent themselves — and surrender to a fine and “Fancy Mood.”


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