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Downtown Redding Art: One Year Ago Today

"Artists are Second Responders" - love that idea, and through the magic of the internet, I watched it play out over the last pandemic year: Writers offering encouragement and humor, songwriters sharing online concerts and artists of all kinds helping…

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Pandemic Art and Shasta Strong

Pandemic art - it's a way to pass these troubled times, a means of offering a small measure of comfort. It's also how I talk myself down from the ledge -  I like to say the things I need to…

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Beautiful Scars

“I think she misses her people.” 

Those were the profound words of a friend. It was a few months after the Carr Fire and she was talking about Whiskeytown Lake. I had lamented that I’d been unable to visit…

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Fancy Mood

It started with a cow.  A plain black cow in a neighbor’s pasture who ended up getting a Spring makeover when I painted her picture in bright, joyful pinks and blues and yellows. I called the painting “Fancy Mood.” 

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Art in the City: Wonders of Whiskeytown



For many years, I've organized a North State Songwriter Showcase at Redding City Hall for the quarterly Artist Receptions. The two mediums seem quite complementary: Original music pairs perfectly with visual art created right here in…

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